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Commonly used to enrich the surface carbon content of steel that case hardening provides. This is intended to produce a high-hardness, wear-resistant surface supported by a tenacious core.


Heat-treatable steels are in the mechanical construction steel range. They are characterized by carbon content usually in excess of 0.25%, and may or may not be alloys.
Heat-treatable steels are used to fabricate parts that require a combination of strength and tenacity, with relatively uniform values throughout the cross section or down to a certain depth. These properties are attained by means of quenching and tempering, which comprise the heat-treatment process.


Carbon steel types include low, medium and high carbon content steels whose chemical composition is defined in broad ranges. Low-carbon steel has 0.30% or less carbon; medium-carbon steel has 0.30%-0.60%, and high-carbon steel has 0.60%-1.00% carbon content.

from 6.35 mm to 101.60 mm

Square and Hexagonal
From 12.70 mm to 50.80 mm

From 20.00 mm
to 150.00 mm

From 6.35 mm
to 101.60 mm

From 12.7 mm
to 330 mm

Up to 1500.00 mm